Siouxzie Page
Sail Area: Approximately 700 sq. Ft
Rig: Ketch
Material: Fir hull, Teak decks, cabins and interior
LOA: 36 ft
Beam: 11ft
Displacement: 26,000 (Not verified)
Keel: Cast Iron
Designer: L. Francis Herreshoff
Builder: L. Francis Herreshoff
The “Siouxzie” is one of Herreshoff’s clipper bow models. She is the smallest of the four designs, which are the Ticonderoga 72 ft, the Tioga/Bounty 57 ft, the Mobjack 45 Ft and the Nereia 36 Ft.
The first of these models was the 57 ft Tioga, built in 1932, which I owned and sailed for over twelve years. There were two hulls to this design… Both ketch rigged. Tioga with a shallow draft and center board, and Bounty with a full keel.

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Both were beautiful and seakindly vessels and I covered a lot of miles in Tioga, many singlehanded. This same hull was increased and modified to 72 ft. and originally named Tioga II But renamed “Ticonderoga”… or “Big Ti” and went on to capture more ocean racing records than any boat in history. All these hulls have the same characteristics, good stable sailers, very good sea boats and easy to manage in all conditions. An excellent resource is L. Francis’ book “Sensible Cruising Designs”… A great read and full of useful informational.

The “Siouxzie” is set up to be single handed, halyards led to the cockpit. I am in the process of installing a large teak wheel… at the front of the cockpit… and an Aries wind vane steering device.
The “Siouxzie” is currently for sale, and I am looking forward to saving another classic. Until then I am looking forward to many more enjoyable miles in this wonderful creation. I am always happy to share information, and my experiences with classic wooden sail boats.

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